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Shaoxing county xi shi furniture decoration Co., LTD was founded in 1987, with nearly 20 years of development, it has become China's few set design, production, sales in the integration of standardization furniture. Xi shi furniture company to spread furniture culture, the development of Chinese furniture as own duty, in a "differential brand" strategy, has been driven by leader in the market competition. Xi shi furniture company currently has registered capital is 3 million yuan, fixed assets of 5 million yuan, technical staff 50. Total covers 4,000 square meters, production workshop covers an area of about 2,000 square meters.
Xi shi furniture has established in the national scope extensive sales network, having more than 20 monopoly stores in the area of 500 square meters, of which more than ten shops are more than independence. Xi shi in overseas markets also have good reputation, the product sells in distant markets overseas. Early in the early 1990s, xi shi furniture company will introduce Nordic advanced design ideas and production technology, for China's consumer brings Nordic fashion wind. Since then, xi shi has been insisting with world famous design masters cooperation, and the establishment of an international furniture design center, leading Chinese furniture design onto the road of innovation. Xi shi furniture company of "moral for this, the ability first" philosophy, and constantly introduce high level professional management personnel, with a high efficient, pragmatic team in the company for the development of solid management base at the same time, also make "xi shi" become a high culture content and social influence of excellent brand.

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